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Wedding Mistakes to Look Out For

Ceremonies are meant to be special but a few problems or missteps can make them memorable for all the wrong reasons. It is big to realize the most normal issues that cause a wedding to turn into a mess.

Not looking into the provisions before purchasing them. If there has been 1 lawsuit about ceremony photos that were substandard then there has been hundreds. The time to look at a providers work is soon before the booking goes down and not the moment of the event or after the big day is wrapped up. Putting in a little time to assess references, do a Yahoo search and even reviewing existing work may be the key to avoiding one of the most horrible wedding planning problems.

Buying the first ceremony gown that you put on. This is the time to throw on several examples, walk away for a while and then return back. The beginning dress may be the one that you end up getting but do not purchase it initially.

Planning an outdoor event without setting up a backup plan. Outdoor events can be great events but the weather can also be rude. Religion and deep thought may make you feel more comfortable about having the ideal weather for your big day but you will be creating a immense wedding planning problem if you do not have an ulterior motive.

Forgetting about the budget or not even making a money allocation has to be the most immense wedding problem around. Everyone wants a ceremony that is memorable but no couple wants to be paying for a event ten years down the road. Start off your future in a relationship being fiscally smart with the wedding day.

Ross Michaels
November 09, 2009

Ross uses a Wedding Planner and their Wedding Planning Blog.


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