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Tips For Men When Planning a Wedding

Many men are in flux about their last day as a bachelor. For women, their big day is a time they thinking about their entire life. For men, they anticipate it, but not near as much as their fiance. Because of that, there is an large power equilibrium that must be retained so women can benefit from their big day as much as is achievable, while still keeping some details they consider vital. Below are a couple tips for maintaining that equilibrium and having an awesome wedding.

Establish a budget beforehand. Everyone is concerned about what their wedding will do to their debt, so putting together a budget that you can both have the same opinion on on ahead of time is a great way to hold a healthy relationship. If you do not top this budget, there Is not much to be anxious or stress out about as it refers to the big day as a man.

Know when to assist, and not harass. Some women have a perfect concept of their big day, if this is the situation, let her take the reigns. But always throw in offers of assistance in her direction. Do so every seven days at least, because the anxiety of handling the wedding, even if it is something that she has thought about forever, can build up. Knowing that you are still her significant other is huge, and you do not want the stress of the wedding to hurt the future term reality of the marriage.

Plan early. If you plan far in advance, the stress will not gather often and you will have less problems with scheduling the big day. Too early is a phrase that should not exist.

Ross Michaels
October 12, 2009

Ross works for Planning Elegance, a wedding coordinator. Learn more about Weddings on Planning Elegance's Wedding Blog.


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