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Tips on Choosing the Best Professional Photographer For Your Wedding

You finally decided on your wedding date. One of if not the most important thing you will do next is book the photographer. Unless you live in a very small town you are going to have a lot of photographers to choose from. Choosing one can be overwhelming but a few simple guidelines can definitely help the process.

You will want to start looking as soon as possible. The good photographers book months in advance, sometimes up to a year. Obviously if you have a friend or relative that was recently married ask them how their photographer was. If they were happy with theirs, ask to see their photographs.

You will want to do some research online. All good studios will have a website with a portfolio online for potential customers to browse. When you find a couple you like book an appointment to go in and look at their pictures in person. They are only going to show you the best portfolios they have. Ask to see a recent wedding to see what those pictures look like. You will want to ask if they shoot in digital only. There are some photographers that switched completely to digital. You will need to decide if you traditional or digital. Most studios will not give you the negatives if you choose traditional so you must consider this aspect too.

Ask for a lower price. All they can say is no. To further save costs, book the ceremony and reception as close as you feel comfortable with.

Always ask for a contract. This is essential in case something goes wrong. You will want to have the price of everything in writing. Do not book with a studio that will not offer you a contract.

These are just some of the points you must consider when booking a photographer. Do your homework and you will be fine.

Justin R Collins
December 14, 2009

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