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We'd love for you to hear a little of what people are saying about us and the Wedding Song 4 U songs we have created. It is almost impossible to communicate in words the impact of having Rebeca and David perform your song, live and in person at your ceremony, and the effect that this has on the feelings of everyone in attendance.

When they first told me that the song lyrics would be taken from our thoughts and feelings about each other, I was a little anxious, because we have absolutely no songwriting experience. However, Rebeca and David made it so easy and comfortable and the song turned out to be incredibly good. They even found a way to work in that I proposed at the Eiffel Tower. What an amazing personal touch. I’m so grateful!
Brian Traichel, San Diego, CA


The whole idea for Wedding Song 4 U came from all the beautiful, original music that Rebeca and David composed for their very own wedding, and how strongly everyone resonded to it.

I’ve been to several weddings and they’re all pretty much the same. What I liked about Rebeca and David’s wedding is that it was so original and you could really see and hear how they felt about each other from the songs they wrote. And the songs were really good, too!
Mark Conley, Del Mar, CA

I remember the day Rebeca and David were married and how beautiful it was that they sang their vows. It was original, unique, and so loving. It moved me to tears.
Sarah Hagaman, Encinitas, CA






There were over 100 people at Rebeca and David's wedding. These are
just a few of the glowing responses and heartfelt messages we received
after the wedding and for months and years afterward!


I had the pleasure to witness the joining of David and Rebeca as husband and wife. During the ceremony, Rebeca sang David a beautiful song she had written just for them. It was the most romantic thing I have ever experienced! I remember it well and I kept thinking to myself, please don't cry! That moment will always stand out as one of my favorite memories.
Dr. Star Ladermann, Oceanside, CA

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