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Flower Girl Dresses

Other than the bride walking down the aisle, the biggest "aw" and gasp will probably be when your flower girl walks down the aisle. It's not tough to make a cute little girl look cute in a dress, but you still need to find that perfect dress that goes with your wedding style and makes the young girl feel great in it.

Where to Look:

You might find it at a dress shop that specializes in wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses or you might find just the right dress at a kids store that sells dressy clothes. It all depends on what you're looking for. If you need a very specific color to match your wedding colors you might be stuck with having something custom made at a dress shop.

Make a fun "girls day" of it and let her help pick her dress out. If the flower girl is old enough, she will likely have a preference as to what she likes and what she would like to wear. She'll have a lot more fun if she's happy about the dress choice and especially if she feels involved in the decision.


If your wedding is upscale and fancy, choose the same when you're choosing her dress. If it's a casual beach wedding, make sure the flower girl dress is loose, flowing and appropriate for a hot summer day. Depending on the age of the girl, you may want the dress to look similar to the bridesmaid dresses and have her look more like a junior bridesmaid.If shes a teen she will likely have certain dress styles that look better on her than others. You should really have the girl with you when buying the dress if at all possible. If she's an infant, something with ruffles and a fancy headband will work.

As a general rule, what ever is "in" for bride fashion with be "in" for her dress, just to a smaller degree. The trends are simply taken down a notch. If it's fashionable for bride to have poofy sleeves (hello 80's!) then the flower girl might have pleated sleeves. Lets say sleek and simple is "in" for the bride. When shopping around for the flower girl dresses you'll probably see simple dresses, but with more on them, like wider shoulder straps and higher necklines.

The only way you'll mess up when it comes to the flower girl dress would be to neglect it completely and make it a last minute rush purchase. Plan it out, just like the rest of your wedding and you'll both be thrilled when she walks down the aisle.

S Martin
December 16, 2009

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