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I believed that my chance for getting married had passed me by.

I had immersed myself in my career after so many relationships had just not worked out.

I went to wedding after wedding, but not mine.

I had dreams at night of my husband and our awesome life together.

I'd wake up in the morning though, and the bliss of that perfect union would fade by mid-day.

I am so glad I waited for the right one and did not settle.

Many friends of mine thought it would never happen, they said I was so picky because I always said no to the men that asked me to marry them.

I knew in my heart that they were not the one and I figured, why say yes and then get a divorce?

I kept hope in my heart even when there was no reason for it to be there.

I guess my faith was the thing that got me through, always knowing someone who was so perfect for me was out there. God's timetable, not mine though!



I came from a failed marriage where my wife left me.

I wasn’t the most optimistic man and I probably only had a mustard seed worth of hope, yet since I was a boy, I’d always believed there was a perfect soul mate out there somewhere for me.

I really needed that to be true, that she was really out there waiting…somewhere, somehow.

I had no idea who or where she was, so I just had to be open and trust that I would find her or she would find me, and she did. What a blessing that was! The absolute love of my life walking in to my life, just like a gift.

She is so perfect for me; beautiful, intelligent, funny, talented…I suppose every moment of the wait was worth it, no matter how much it hurt at the time. I read in what she wrote, that she said that faith was the thing that got her through. For me, I encountered so many roadblocks that it seemed more like bulldog tenacity, but when it all comes down to it, it’s faith that keeps us tenacious.


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