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How do you find the perfect wedding
song for your ceremony?

Congratulations! Your search is over. You've found the perfect solution for your unique wedding ceremony. Why leave your precious moment to someone else’s words? We will take your thoughts of love and make a one of a kind song in the musical style of your favorite song & artist.

Music is an emotional component of our lives. Everyone has a song that symbolically represents something special in their lives. Perhaps that song was playing when you first met, had your first kiss, your first dance, or a myriad number of milestone events.


Wedding ceremonyThat song may not exactly represent how you feel about each other. In fact, that very song may have been played countless times at many people’s weddings.



Imagine how great it will feel to listen to your very own story of love, in your custom song during your wedding ceremony and for your first dance; more than just a song, but a song that is intended only for you.

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What we offer is composers and recording artists who are totally dedicated to your amazing wedding experience.We know because we wrote a custom wedding song for our very own wedding. 

We will take your own words of love for each other and craft them into a song in the style of your favorite artist and deliver to you a unique, custom wedding song. Your perfect wedding song.

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You'll be the envy of every couple you know. To order or for your free consultation, call now.
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Your custom wedding song will capture the essence of your once-in-a-lifetime, unique wedding ceremony and can also be given as a wedding favor or thank you to your guests, as well as being the soundtrack for a beautiful, digital photographic slide show of your wedding photos.

Because finding and marrying your soulmate is such a profound life experience, we also offer custom songs that are designed specifically for demonstrating your love at the engagement party as well as after you've settled into wedded bliss and have a heartfelt desire to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Sharing the depth of your love with one another at any stage of your relationship is as easy as calling us to see what kind of amazing song we could write for you. Call now.

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